Intellectual and Industrial Property

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Intellectual and Industrial Property
here is a roaring trade in intangible assets in Spain and internationally, so they need to be protected in and out of court.


Our law firm provides the following services:


  • Intellectual Property
  • Industrial Property

Protection of the above in and out of court.

Technology and Telecommunications

  • Entering markets, including obtaining licences and regulatory matters.
  • Radio spectrum for telecommunication services.
  • E-commerce and the internet:
    • Webpage hosting and development agreements.
    • Hyperlinks.
    • B2B, B2C and ASP platforms.
    • Distance selling.
    • Electronic signatures.
  • E-banking.
  • Data protection.
  • Privatisation.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Collaboration agreements.
  • Interconnection agreements and investment and management agreements for operators and fixed-line, mobile and satellite companies.
  • Advising clients in the energy, transport and commercial sales sectors.