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Corporate and commercial services

ur law firm provides legal advice in the corporate and commercial spheres for companies, company groups and commercial establishments. It also handles the maintenance of companies’ legal and corporate structures, providing legal advice on corporate transactions. We particularly handle the following:

Corporate Advice:

  • Advising on company purchases.
  • Identifying, designing and setting up joint ventures.
  • Designing and carrying out mergers.
  • Finding and identifying companies that could be bought / sold.
  • Designing and carrying out venture capital and private equity deals and finding capital for growth projects.
  • Advising on financial restructuring and reorganisation deals.
  • Developing new projects for corporate clients.
  • Developing investment products for private and institutional investors.

Advising on foreign investment in Spain.

Directors’ liability. Insolvency and bankruptcy. Dissolving and liquidating companies.

Setting up a holding structure based on parent companies, subsidiaries and investee companies.

Joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements.

International purchases.

Increases and decreases in capital.

Drawing up and challenging corporate resolutions.

Setting up consortia, company groups and joint ventures.

Distribution, agents and franchising.

Assisting with and drawing up share purchase or sale offers.

Venture capital investments.