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his is one of the areas in which the members of our law firm have the broadest and most extensive experience. That enables us to provide suitable protection through contracts’ clauses and appropriately target contracting guarantees.


Civil jurisdiction

  • Representation and defence in disputes concerning leases, succession, and termination of distribution, franchise and agency agreements.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions (general shareholders’ meetings, and boards of directors of joint stock companies or limited liability companies).
  • Bringing liability action against company directors.
  • Claims based on insurance policies covering both people and assets.
  • Involvement in arbitration proceedings.

Criminal jurisdiction

Representation in cases concerning economic offences (fraud, fraudulent conveyance, falsehood in public documents, misappropriation).

Insolvency proceedings

Organising and preparing all kinds of insolvency proceedings, both whether they affect individuals (creditors’ arrangements and agreements on partial discharges and/or moratoriums) or companies
(bankruptcy or voluntary insolvency).