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Tax Services
he firm has significant know-how in advising on Spanish and international tax issues and cooperating on managing individuals’ and companies’ tax obligations. It is a matter of providing ongoing, instant advice about the tax implications of any business or operation.


The firm is also directly concerned with handling tax returns, filing them and defending its clients’ interests against the tax inspectorate.

The services our firm provides notably include:

  • Financial advice
  • Independent valuations or a fairness opinion.
  • Design and structuring of MBO/MBI deals.
  • Plans for development and growth through acquisition and intrinsic growth of the company.
  • Designing the best balance sheet structures.
  • Renegotiating and structuring liabilities.
  • Designing shareholding structures, including shareholders’ agreements and family arrangements, plus strategies for defence against third parties.
  • Analysing strategies for creating shareholder value and diversification.
  • Analysing differentiated business units, including their competitive position, industry trends, and financial and operational efficiency.
  • General tax planning in foreign investments in Spain.
  • Implementation through holding companies that have greater tax benefits in Spain.
  • Planning Spanish investment abroad.
  • Double taxation treaties.
  • Tax analysis in acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, non-monetary contributions and share swaps.
  • Spanish taxation of non-resident individuals and companies, who operate in Spain without using an intermediary or through a permanent establishment.
  • Special tax on non-resident companies’ real estate.
  • Capital gains, business rent, rent from letting property, levies, royalties, etc.
  • National, international and foreign trade financing.
  • Financial, banking and leasing deals.
  • Syndicated loans.
  • SWAPS.
  • Future and option contracts.