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Internal auditing

An appropriate internal audit linked to a strategy focussing on the risks and controls that threaten your objectives requires professionals capable of handling all kinds of risks and controls. Only by having internal and external resources devoted to your organisation can you achieve the expected results.

Sabrià & Gabarró will help you focus your organisation’s internal auditing on critical business risks and turn it into a strategic tool


We make multidisciplinary teams available to you that focus on different factors, risks and processes. These teams are put together to provide your organisation with internal auditing services in order to::

  • Set up or redesign internal auditing by defining the following: its implementation in the organisation, mission, objectives, authority and access to information, processes, technological needs and
    staff strategies, etc.
  • Draw up the strategic internal auditing plan focusing on the risks and key business processes.
  • Carry out the projects included in the internal auditing plan related to aspects such as strategy, finance, operations, IT systems, fraud prevention and detection systems and the environment, as well as ethical, social, legal and tax aspects, etc.
  • Automate control tests and set up schemes for self-assessment of them.
  • Assess the activity of your internal auditing in relation to the three key aspects: positioning, processes and people.

Our auditing and internal methodology allows the following:


  • Taking advantage of the internal auditing resources, focusing work on critical processes so that the organisation can develop its strategy and meet its objectives, taking into account the risks that threaten them.
  • Working in a way that is completely in tune with the risk management process in place in your organisation.
  • Great scalability, i.e. you choose the degree to which you want to develop it in accordance with your expectations for internal auditing.
  • Accessing information and sharing knowledge.
  • Complying with and, in many cases, surpassing the regulatory requirements for professional performance of internal auditing.