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Data protection
ata protection is a fundamental right that is becoming increasingly important, mainly due to the risks of infringing it: heavy fines and damage to your company’s image.


We at Sabrià & Gabarró know that since it is a multidisciplinary task, compliance is no simple matter. We see data protection as a speciality that requires at least legal, technical and organisational knowledge.

We thus have a team made up of professional experts (lawyers and IT professionals) with in-depth knowledge of the area, who know how the Data Protection Agency works and have proven experience in various industries: financial institutions and insurance, energy and chemical companies, etc.

Just like the rest of Sabrià & Gabarró’s departments, our philosophy and working method are aimed at providing comprehensive, quality solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Many companies see data protection as simply a costly obligation and an obstacle in the way of carrying out their business. Our advisory and consulting services are completely personalised and we can help you make the most from your data and turn a legal obligation into a competitive advantage in your industry.