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awyers from our firm advise companies on the problems that arise in employment and human resources. Our firm plays an active role in court cases in the labour and administrative contentious courts.


Comprehensive advice on senior management contracts

  • Drawing up and supervising contracts.
  • Promoting ordinary workers to senior managers.
  • Ways of terminating employment.
  • Severance pay.
  • Golden parachutes.

Comprehensive advice on hiring and human resources

  • Drawing up employment contracts and service agreements.
  • Reports on allowances, subsidies and aid.
  • Contractual clauses.
  • Suspending contracts and the effects it has.
  • Trips by staff.
  • Work permits.
  • Pay and stock options.
  • Advice on drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

Legal advice on exercising organisational and disciplinary authority

  • Opening workplaces.
  • Modifying employment conditions.
  • Geographical and occupational mobility.
  • Terminating contracts, disciplinary dismissals and fines.
  • Staff restructuring and redundancy proceedings.
  • Negotiations and conciliations at the Spanish Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service.
  • Legal and procedural representation at any level of court proceedings.
  • Assistance with collective bargaining.
  • Control and information about health and safety at work and prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Employment offences and penalties: defence against the Employment Inspectorate.
  • Social Security action – drafting dismissal letters.
  • Criminal cases concerning employment law.
  • Criminal cases concerning sexual harassment in the workplace.

Legal advice on outplacement

  • Pre-retirement arrangements.
  • Early retirement.
  • Voluntary redundancy.
  • Non-competition clauses in pre-retirement arrangements.

Social Security law

  • Classification of shareholders and directors of companies.
  • Benefits under the various Social Security systems.
  • Action involving the National Employment Institute and the General Social Security Treasury.

Negotiations and Lawsuits

  • Legal advice to companies in legal proceedings concerning accidents at work.
  • Legal defence in criminal proceedings concerning offences against workers’ rights.
  • Defence regarding company directors’ personal liability for amounts owed to workers and ways of avoiding such liability.

Special employment system for professional sportspeople

  • Contracts.
  • Social Security.
  • Termination clauses.
  • Terminating contracts.
  • Pension funds and plans.