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The Environment
re provide comprehensive legal advice in the field of environmental consulting. Our objective is to ensure the best solutions are followed to enable our customers to manage the environmental risks involved in their economic activities and strengthen all initiatives related to environmental protection and sustainable development.

With that aim in mind, we approach legal and environmental problems with an across-the-board, preventive approach, combining all professional areas (company law, public law, property law and
energy law, etc.). We work actively with our clients to prevent possible liabilities and monitor the extent to which they comply with the applicable environmental regulations.

We also advise the public authorities (national, regional and local) on how to apply and follow the environmental regulations, and on drafting regulations and policy documents:

  • Drawing up diagnostic and environmental auditing reports.
  • Processing licences, permits, authorisations and environmental concessions.
  • Legal advice regarding polluted land.
  • Legal advice on emissions trading.
  • Legal advice for environmental impact assessment processes.
  • Representation and defence in all jurisdictions (criminal, civil and administrative) and levels of courts.
  • Out-of-court and arbitration proceedings.
  • Designing environmental policies and sustainable development strategies for business and the public authorities, drawing up environmental reports, sustainability reports and codes of good practice.
  • Processing aid and subsidies.
  • Environmental training activities.